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Tarot Readings


Tarot is an ancient system of divination using cards. Divination means “from the Divine” on the assumption that prophesy is a sacred process throughout the universe. The cards enable us to see the past influences that are affecting our present circumstance and thereby can determine or predict a future possible outcome.

We realize that certain cards correspond exactly to our inner state, and our relation to the world. Through examining the cards we come to understand our reactions and our destiny with respect to the question or circumstance that we are dealing with at the time of the reading and therefore we come to understand ourselves. 

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Esoteric Package


Start with a Tarot Reading identifying your current situation. From there we will take you through a variety of balancing and healing services selected from the following list :

  • Chakra Cleansing – Healing through Imagery
  • Reflexology/Healing/Massage
  • Balinese Boreh (An all over deep experience with herbs for: headaches, muscle aches, asthma, allergies, cold, fever/chills, arthritis, and jet lag.)
  • Meditation – Steam Bath Cleansing

2 h 45 min Single … $269.00

Monthly Tarot Club


Check in every month with your current situation and gain perspective from the cards to help focus or redirect your energy with a monthly Tarot Reading from La Provence Spa. The Monthly “Tarotpy” Package at La Provence Spa will help lead to mental and physical wellbeing.

Join our Monthly Tarot Club and get a FREE reading!  Book 11 months (30-minute readings) and get one 30-minute reading FREE! Whether you’re looking for some guidance from the universe or trying to gain peace of mind from a decision weighing on you, a professional Tarot reading from Madame Gigi can help guide you and take a more positive approach to anything life may throw at you.

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Madame Gigi Products


Does your life ever feel a little chaotic? Looking for love or healing? Feel like you need to cleanse negative energy? These products from Madame Gigi include everything you need to bring more love and peace around you to help attract a calm, positive ambience with kids, pets and loved ones. 

The Law of Attraction says “You get what you think about, whether wanted or unwanted and everything that you experience is attracted to you because the Law of Attraction is responding to the thoughts that you are offering.”

Take a fresh start with a positive attitude.

Spiritual Energy Cleanse


Revitalize your life!

Cleanse sluggish, bad energy from your home or office today. Step up productivity, renewed sense of well-being for your family and employees.

Price | $200

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Tarot Parties


A Tarot Party is a great way to have fun and provide a unique entertainment experience for your friends! Book Madame Gigi for your next special event to provide an entertaining and positive dimension for your guests with mini reading for everybody. We are available for birthdays, bridal and wedding showers, girls getaways, corporate events, Halloween parties, weddings, New Year’s Eve parties and any other celebratory event. The cost for a professional Tarot reader at your Special Event ranges from $150 per hour plus travel time (travel time is based on an hourly fee in order to go to the location).

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2-Hour Tarot Classes


Madame Gigi offers 2-hour Tarot classes so you can learn the meaning and interpretation of the cards and the subconscious message that they reveal. Tarot cards can guide your daily decisions such as whether to change jobs, which car you buy or when to book a holiday.

Choose from:

- Introduction to Tarot Cards

- Tarot Spreads and Readings

- Psychic Healing

- The Law of Attraction

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Online & Phone Tarot Readings


Send an email to Madame Gigi at  and include a question for Madame Gigi. Madame Gigi’s response will be delivered to your inbox. Please allow 24-48 hours for a reply. Price is based on $1.50 per minute

Reading options depends on what you are looking for:

• Celtic Cross

• Past/Present/Future

• 12 Month Prediction

• Egyptian Ankh (27 cards)

• Love Spreads and many more!

Call Madame Gigi at 970.945.5783 or email 

About Madame Gigi


Virginie was born in Nice, France and grew up in the central part of Africa with her family. Virginie was gifted by her father Joseph (pictured above), a powerful and valued Psychic Healer who studied and practiced the Healing Art with "The African Gurus." She followed his steps for about 20 years and deepened her understanding of the mystical sciences through working with different cultures (Balinese Techniques, French Polynesia, Europe and Africa). “Madame Gigi” is a skilled interpreter of the Tarot and through her professional reading, clients are able to gain insight into their present and future life circumstances.