he purpose of having a facial is to clean your skin deeply. It involves many skin treatments, including steam, exfoliation, creams, lotions, facial masks, extraction (on request only), foot reflexology and some neck/shoulder mini-massage. You will walk out feeling your skin clear, well-hydrated, youthful and well rested.

If you want to reverse the signs of aging, try La Provence Youth Reflex Treatment or Resurfacing Treatment (uses a volcanic pumice). The Champagne Facial is for sun-damaged or mature skin. The Unique Caviar Facial is a luxurious experience and the Teen Purifying Treatment is for those with acne prone skin. Facials are not just for women; men should consider the Gentleman’s Facial. If you don’t have an hour for a full facial, the Mini-Facial is for you.

La Provence Youth Reflex Treatment

Teen Purifying Treatment

Resurfacing Treatment

Champagne Facial

Gentleman’s Facial

Unique Caviar Facial