Oct 102016

Call Madame Gigi to perform a Spiritual Energy Cleanse of your home or office this fall.

Some may call it bad luck, but it is actually negative energy that can cause life to turn upside down, or at least feel that way. Depression, fear, anger, arguments, negative people, sadness, unhappiness, clings like Saran Wrap to your aura field and attracts more of the same situations, along with exhaustion, fatigue, unhappiness, an unsettled feeling and sometimes even health conditions.
Just as a furnace filter needs to be replaced or cleansed, so does your energy filter.

When do you have a Spiritual Cleansing done? And how often?

  • Getting over a death or divorce (feelings of hurt, guilt, fear, shame, anger, resentment and sadness can be hard to get rid of and can easily manifest in physical problems)
  • Persistent financial difficulties
  • ‘Bad energy’, ‘bad vibes’ or unexplained disturbances or lack of well-being in a home or workplace
  • Persistent relationship problems (recurring patterns)
  • To remove a persistent feeling of negative, heavy energy surrounding you

This Psychic Energy Cleansing can be performed at any time when you’re feeling low, tired or otherwise affected by negativity and it is a good idea to perform it in the fall and spring (as you will do your spring and fall cleaning in your living space).

Thank You Virginia for helping me creating a healthy, energetic and happy environment for both my business and home. It is like a huge weight has been lifted off.

-Joyce Wirth – Sep 15, 2016

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