Oct 092015

Is there something on your mind? Maybe a difficult decision weighing on you? A Tarot Reading from Madame Gigi will help visualize your current situation and can provide guidance and perspective.

Experience a Tarot Reading & Chakra Cleansing today with the Madame Gigi SPA Package at La Provence Spa | The SPA at the Hotel Colorado.


Tarot is an ancient system of divination using cards. Divination means “from the Divine” on the assumption that prophesy is a sacred process throughout the universe. The cards enable us to see the past influences that are affecting our present circumstance and thereby can determine or predict a future possible outcome. We realize that certain cards correspond exactly to our inner state, and our relation to the world. Through examining the cards we come to understand our reactions and our destiny with respect to the question or circumstance that we are dealing with at the time of the reading and therefore we come to understand ourselves.

Package includes: Tarot Reading & Chakra Cleansing
Time: 85 minutes Price: $110

Call 970-945-5783 or email gigi@laprovencespa.com to book today!


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